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Quarter 4 - 2018

  • As Brexit negotiations draw to a close, we looked into how UK and European fund selectors are planning on preparing for the upcoming year, how Brexit will affect their allocations, and who they feel will lose out more after March 2019.
  • Continental European fund buyers are expecting to put more money into cash, highlighting their uncertainty about the upcoming year, while, although in the UK there are almost the same number of fund selectors looking to put money into cash, there is equally as many looking to move out of cash. It is clear that British fund selectors are a bit more optimistic about the impact of Brexit, with 14% of respondents believing that neither side will lose out.
  • When it comes to post Brexit allocations to Eurozone equities versus UK equities there is a significant difference between fund selectors on either side. 80% of UK investors expect to up their UK equity allocations while an almost similar proportion say they will reduce their Eurozone exposure. Among European investors, the pattern is the same but the numbers are less extreme. Perhaps this is a reflection of the asset allocation habits of UK and European fund selectors whereby the former tend to have separate allocations to UK and European equities whereas the latter generally include the UK as part of their European equities allocation.

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