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Quarter 3 - 2018

  • The great majority of wholesale fund selectors believe that ESG screening enhances investment performance. This sentiment was strongest among the top-end UK fund buyer community with 71% of respondents in agreement. In Europe and Asia, this proportion stands at just under 60%.
  • UK and European investors have the highest tolerance if an ESG strategy were to underperform. One third and one fifth of respondents, respectively, would be prepared to suffer underperformance in an ESG strategy for more than 2 years. Roughly one fifth of respondents from the same two groupings say they can tolerate below par returns for up to 2 years. Only a third of investors in Asia and Europe would not be willing to tolerate underperformance for more than 6 months with the equivalent figure for the UK standing at a mere 6%.
  • In the coming 12 months, over half of UK, European and Asian investors surveyed expect to add to their allocations to funds with an ESG consideration with 10-20% of respondents looking to increase weightings considerably. Nearly all other fund selectors say they will keep their allocations unchanged and very few expect to reduce positions.

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