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About Fund Buyer Index

Formerly Fund Selector Asset Class Report

Following consultation with our clients we have upgraded our Fund Selector Asset Class Report to create this Fund Buyer Index

Open to fund buyers, the index allows them to select an area of interest and delve into data showing which asset classes are of most and least interest to European fund buyers.

It also allows fund buyers to track the views of global fund management houses and view net flows, helping them to see where the money has gone. They will benefit from three data sources: the fund-selector asset-class survey results, historical fund flows data and insights from our fund-manager sentiment survey. In addition, the site will be regularly updated with relevant news.

Tracker Methodology

We use three data sources in this report


Fund Selector Asset Class Survey

Our quarterly summary of the forward- looking buying and selling intentions of fund selectors and asset allocators across Europe. We gather the data in the last month of each quarter: March, June, September and December.


Historical Fund Flows data

Collected (from Morningstar) for all European-domiciled funds across the most common strategies.


Fund Manager Sentiment Survey

A combination of the 12-month forward return predictions on a set of asset classes from between 15 and 20 global fund groups (data from Old Mutual Wealth).

Estimated repondent numbers

Total sample size 350+

Fund flows graphs

This shows the flows into and out of all European-domiciled funds in the past 12 months. It’s only a part of the whole universe of investment assets but it does give very valuable insights into the general behaviour of fund buyers.

Fund selector sentiment bar chart

These bar charts show the same data as the line graphs next to them – but just take one time slice – generally the latest quarter.

Fund selector sentiment line chart

This shows the forward-looking attitude to various asset classes: what per cent of fund selectors intend to buy more, keep the same, reduce or have no exposure at all over the next year.

Fund manager sentiment graphs

+100 means that every fund group in the survey thinks the relevant asset class will go up 5% or more in 12 months; -100 means they all think it will drop 5% or more; 0 means the bulls and bears are of equal number. We’ve divided it into green, -75 yellow and red for ease of use.

Investment styles

This shows the attitudes of different countries to various types of investing: value vs growth and small cap vs large cap.

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